AspireHope NY, Inc, formerly Finger Lakes Parent Network Inc.
Formerly the Finger Lakes Parent Network, Inc.
A Chapter of Families Together in New York State, Inc.
Member of the Children's Mental Health Coalition of Western New York, Inc.

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AspireHope NY, Inc.

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25 West Steuben Street
Bath, NY 14810
Phone: (607) 776-2164
Phone: (800) 934-4244
Fax: (607) 776-4327


AspireHopeNY, Inc. Business Office

Mission Statement

AspireHope NY, Inc. is a parent-governed organization, focused on the needs of adults, children and youth with emotional, behavioral, developmental and/or mental disorders and their families. The mission of AspireHope NY, Inc. is to support and empower Individuals so that they can improve the quality of their lives and achieve their full potential within the community.

Vision Statement

We, AspireHope NY, lnc. envision an extended community of families empowered to interact with various community agencies in a manner that cultivates solutions and eliminates barriers to service for children with emotional, behavioral and/or mental disorders. The extended community is an environment where new voices are valued and the focus is on family strengths and needs, and where current information and adequate resources are available to support and empower families.

Description of Services


All services are provided free of charge to any family raising a child or teen with an emotional, behavioral, mental, and/or developmental disability residing in our nine county area. It is not necessary for the youth to have a medical diagnosis or educational classification. All services are voluntary. There is no income eligibility. Completion of minimal paperwork is required. All services are designed and implemented with family input.

Family Support Groups

Self help support groups with on site childcare meet twice monthly in all nine counties. They are facilitated by Peer Family Consultants and offer caring, sharing and educational opportunities in a safe, non judgmental and confidential setting. Recreational childcare is provided to all of the children in the family by a staff of trained professionals.

Intensive Support Services

These services support families with a child at high risk of placement, in placement, or returning from placement.  Services may include additional advocacy, peer support, information and referral, educational opportunities, respite and wrap-around funds.

In-Home and Community Respite Care

Respite is available on a planned hourly basis to all of the children in their home or at a community activity. All respite staff are trained professionals that have completed a minimum of 5 background checks.

Planned Group Respite

Planned Group Respite events are offered in the community. These events are generally offered to identified children and siblings, on a regular schedule, predetermined by the parents and staff.

Parent and Caregiver Education

Educational presenters are invited to speak at the local support groups. Families are encouraged and sponsored annually to participate at the Children's Mental Health Coalition, Families Together of New York State Conference and Legislative Luncheon. We also sponsor interested caregivers to attend local conferences and workshops addressing their family needs.


Families are offered the information and training needed to advocate for their children. Caregivers and Family Consultants are encouraged to accompany one another to educational and service planning meetings. Family Consultants are professionally trained advocates in multiple systems of care.

Information, Referral & Peer Support

Families receive information about agencies, schools and support services available in their community. They are provided with mental health and/or developmental disability diagnosis and treatment information. Referral services are offered to connect families with local programs and often the Family Consultant attends the first appointment with the family. Peer support is provided by the Family Consultant and the other families.

Teen Support Groups and Services

Self help teen peer support and educational groups meet monthly in all counties. Teens participate in social recreational skill building and community service activities throughout the year. Teens attend the Annual AspireHope NY Inc. Teen Conference and participate in the planning and development. Teens participate as members of the FLPN Inc. Board of Directors.

Waiver Contract Services

We are a contract provider for Office of Mental Health Waiver, services include family support and respite services in all 9 counties. Office of People with Developmental Disabilities contract with us for respite services for qualifying youth. We are a B2H contract provider and services available to families include Family Caregiver Support and Services, Skill-building, Special Needs Community Advocacy and Support, Planned Respite and Day Habilitation for OPWDD eligible youth.